Tricks to Get a Free Hotel Room

Tricks to Get a Free Hotel Room – In filling vacation time and free time there will certainly be many people who spend their time on vacation. One of the most popular vacation spots in the world is the hotel. Then if you stay at a hotel, it will cost quite a bit. Here are some ways to get a free refund

1. Collection of Stay Coupons
In this technological era, there are many websites and applications that are intended to make it easier for travelers. In addition to online motorcycle taxis and taxis, there are also various discount coupon applications such as Lakupon and Myfave. Room prices which usually reach 1.7 million can be redeemed for only 440 thousand rupiah. Very thrifty, right? Read the terms and conditions carefully, yes. Don’t let the coupons you buy expire.

2. Buy Unoccupied Rooms
Some people booked the room on the wrong date. Others had to cancel vacations even though they had booked hotels. Not all orders can be easily cancelled. These pre-booked rooms will be sold at a lower price. It’s time to use your negotiating talent.

3. Find Recently Opened Hotels
Newly opened hotels tend to charge cheap rates to get consumers and ratings. In addition to the low price, the furniture and all the facilities are of course still new. The service provided is definitely the best. You don’t want to get bad comments for your new hotel, right? Some of the new hotels even hold attractive promotions that are a pity to miss.

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4. Last Minute Deal
Ordering plane tickets in advance is indeed cheaper. However, the same method was not applicable to hotel rooms. In some online travel agents, there is a Last Minute Deal feature to book rooms at the last minute with special prices and many discounts. Instead of unsold rooms, they will give you a cheap rate, here. Who wouldn’t?

5. Take Quiz with Stay Rewards
Another way to stay at luxury hotels at special prices, even for free, is to take a quiz. There are many products or even accommodations that give prizes in the form of free stays. Diligently look for info about this quiz, yes. There are also those who promise exciting holidays to abroad for prizes, you know.