Things that Hotel Guests Most Often Steal

Things that Hotel Guests Most Often Steal – For those of you who often stay at hotels, you must be familiar with items that are often stolen or taken home by hotel guests.

When on vacation to a place, staying at a hotel is common. In fact, staying at a hotel has become a holiday trend in itself, the name staycation.

Various charming facilities are provided by the hotel to pamper and provide comfort for the guests. However, it’s not uncommon for guests who stay overnight to bring hotel items home, you know.

1. Deemed high quality, hotel towels are the main item that is most often taken home. Reached 77.5 percent, you know!

2. Some hotels with exclusive room types provide bathrobes. As many as 65.1 percent of hotel guests took him home secretly

3. Furthermore, there is a clothes hanger that is always missing from the wardrobe. The figure is quite high, namely 49.3 percent

4. A total of 39.1 hotel guests took pens from the hotel. However, usually the hotel does provide it to take home

5. Up to 33.6 percent, eating utensils such as spoons, forks and plates were also taken home by visitors. The restaurant is annoyed, here!

6.There are hotels that do not allow guests to bring shampoo, lotions, and other makeup products. As many as 32.8 percent of hotel guests have been billed when paying off a payment

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7. The battery looks small and is not needed. But not for hotel visitors, as many as 22 percent of them have taken it from the TV remote, you know

8. Artwork in the form of photo frames and paintings is also a target for hotel guests to take home. The figure is up to 20 percent

9. Even though it is quite thick and heavy, hotel visitors are still determined to bring a blanket home. Hey, you belong to this 15.6 percent of people, right?

10. Hotel clerks also often find pillows in the room missing after guests use them. As many as 14.3 percent of visitors have done it