Items in the Hotel that You Can Take Home

Items in the Hotel that You Can Take Home – We often stay in famous five-star hotels. An expensive hotel certainly has an advantage in its facilities. The usual facilities provided by the hotel make us want to take it home. Examples of items provided by the hotel are sandals, toothbrushes, or towels. However, we cannot take all the items provided by the hotel. The following are hotel items that we can take back

1. Toiletries

Toiletries available in hotel bathrooms such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cap, comb, body lotion, shaver, earplugs, needle-thread, mouthwash and so on can be taken home. Usually, the toiletries in the toilet use hotel brands.

This equipment is travel size which includes lodging facilities and you can take it home. So you don’t need to compensate if you take one of the toiletries.

2. Laundry bag

This laundry bag is useful for carrying your dirty clothes. You can also separate liquid bottles for fear of spilling over the contents of the suitcase. So, you can take the laundry bag home with you.

3. Stationery

Usually, stationery found in hotels are pens, pencils and paper or notebooks. These items also usually use hotel brands to be used as promotional media when you use them outside the hotel. No need to worry, you can take the available stationery home with you.

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4. Drink packages

Drink packages that are usually available at the hotel are mineral water, tea, coffee, sugar, creamer. If you don’t finish this drink during your stay, you can take it home. But for drink packages in the mini bar, you have to pay. If you take a drink at the mini bar, then you will pay for it when you check out of the room.

5. Sandals

Hotel slippers are also items that you can take home. If you leave hotel slippers in the room, then after you go home, these slippers will be thrown away by the officer. So, you should bring a traveler home.

Those are the things you can take home when you stay at the hotel. Apart from these items, don’t take it home, traveler. Don’t let the Indian tourist incident happen to you.