Facilities Available at Luxury Hotels – Each hotel provides different facilities depending on the type. Star hotels certainly offer more complete facilities. While low budget hotels have limited facilities but the price is cheaper. You already know, 5-star hotels have special standards both in terms of service and completeness of facilities that make them different from hotels with lower levels. But as you know, the price of 5-star hotels is very expensive and much different from ordinary hotels in general.

There are many kinds of facilities in 5 star hotels. Starting from the employees, even the equipment and equipment can all be called luxurious. You will be made king and queen during your stay there. Also the cleanliness will amaze you while you are there. The services and facilities that will be provided and you will get at a 5-star hotel is a 24-hour reception service with staff who master various languages ​​or commonly called multilingual to make it easier to communicate with foreign guests. In addition, also friendly and patient. You will be happy and satisfied with the service.


The Best Hotel Facilities

1. Comfortable bed
The main consideration for guests in booking a hotel room is a bed that is not only clean but also comfortable. Imagine, how does it feel when you stay in a hotel with a dirty mattress and a musty smell? Of course, you will find it difficult to sleep so that your rest time becomes disturbed. Instead of being able to sleep well, you start thinking about being able to quickly check out of the hotel the next day.

2. Clean room
In addition to a soft and comfortable mattress, guests will also expect a clean hotel room from floor to ceiling. Besides being comfortable to live in, a clean room will also make guests feel at home and want to linger in the hotel. Of course, you don’t want to stay in a room with a lot of dust, right?

3. Free internet connection
Now is the era where everyone feels the need to be connected to the internet. Therefore, free internet connection facilities with WiFi are like a must. Plus, the hotel internet connection must have a high speed. This is important for guests because they can access the internet comfortably. Usually, guests have been given information in the form of a username and password to be able to access the internet when they want to enter the room.

4. 24-hour reception service
People who are traveling out of town or abroad often find it difficult to predict when they arrive at the hotel. Generally, a traveler first walks around the city or tourist destinations before finally going to the hotel to be able to stay. Not infrequently, guests arrive at the hotel at night or even early morning. A 24-hour reception service is certainly highly expected by every traveler so that they can check-in easily.

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5. Restaurant/cafe
One thing that guests commonly do when staying at a hotel is looking for food at a restaurant or just hanging out in a cafe. With restaurant or tavern facilities at the hotel, guests don’t have to bother looking for food/drinks outside. In addition, hotels usually have a mainstay food/beverage menu that can provide a special sensation for guests.

6. Non-smoking area
Hotels usually apply some pretty strict rules such as forbidding guests to smoke in the room. In addition, in some hotel rooms there is also a ban on smoking. For guests who do not smoke, hotel facilities in the form of a smoking area are a must. On the other hand, the hotel also provides a special area for those who want to smoke.

7. Free pick up
Certain hotels provide facilities in the form of free pick-up by bus (free shuttle) both from and to the airport. These facilities are provided by five-star hotels so that guests feel privileged and satisfied with the services provided. With the free shuttle facility, guests who want to stay overnight no longer need to look for public transportation.

8. Free breakfast
Guests who wake up in the morning may still feel lazy to go outside for food. Now, with the free breakfast facility, guests can enjoy the food and drinks provided without having to leave the hotel. The breakfast menu varies from one hotel to another, of course.