Considerations Before Choosing Hotel for Staycation

Considerations Before Choosing Hotel for Staycation – Before deciding to stay at a hotel, of course, you have to know about the cleanliness and comfort of the hotel.

Lately, staycations at hotels have become an alternative vacation in demand during the pandemic. Even if you don’t visit a specific place, just staying in a hotel room and enjoying the facilities is enough to refresh your mind from feeling tired.

However, you need to be careful when choosing a hotel for a staycation. Because, health protocols must be a priority in order to maintain your safety. Here are some things to consider before choosing a hotel for a staycation.

1. There is body temperature checking

Make sure your inn provides body temperature checks at the entrance. This is one of the first important steps of a public health protocol.

2. The hotel work environment applies health protocols

Not only guests, workers in the hotel environment must also maintain their safety and health. At least, you can see this from wearing masks to the availability of hand sanitizers and bulkheads at the reception.

3. Applying physical distancing in the public areas of the hotel

The public areas in question are the reception areas, restaurants or cafes. The presence of a cross affixed to the seat or queue area is a good indication.

4. Perform strict disinfection or cleaning rules

Not just keeping a distance for guests, of course, the public areas and rooms must be properly sanitized. Regular disinfection of guest rooms and in-room amenities is very important given that these facilities are often used interchangeably.

5. Limiting the capacity of people in the room

To stay hygienic, the hotel may limit the number of people allowed in the room. That means, if you stay overnight and there are guests visiting in large numbers that exceed the room capacity, you should meet in the open.

6. There are procedures for clear food facilities

For breakfast, there are hotels that offer menu delivery to the room. However, there are also those that require you to take it yourself and bring it to your room. However, if you want to eat directly at the restaurant, make sure there are restrictions on the distance and capacity of people who enter to avoid the crowd.