Comfortable Tricks to Stay at a Hotel with Children

Comfortable Tricks to Stay at a Hotel with Children – In staying with family, especially with children, we must be very concerned about everything that will happen. Comfort in staying is definitely a priority. Here are some tricks that can make you comfortable in doing a staycation at a hotel

1. The room is far from the center of the crowd

When making a hotel reservation, make sure you ask for a room with a location far from the center of the crowd at the hotel, for example a breakfast location that is always crowded in the morning. In addition, you should also avoid the location of rooms adjacent to the swimming pool or children’s play area.

Rooms close to these points should be avoided so that your little one can rest optimally. Just imagine if it’s time for bed, but your little one still insists on playing the slide, surely you will be bothered to persuade him to sleep.

Rooms near the pool also need to be avoided because apart from being louder than other hotel areas, you can also avoid the dangerous risk of children splashing in the pool without supervision.

2. Put a sign on the door

Hang a “Don’t Disturb” sign on the bedroom door. Don’t forget to also inform the housekeeper to clean the room only at certain hours, which is certainly not a child’s nap time. This is very important, considering that lack of sleep can cause your little one to be fussy or even sick. Especially if your vacation spot is a completely new place and your little one is not familiar, the risk of your child becoming more fussy because they can’t fall asleep easily is quite large.

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3. Ask for the minibar to be emptied

Every hotel in general, provides a minibar that is loaded with various types of cold cans, chocolates, and other snacks. When traveling with children, you can ask for the minibar to be emptied so that it can be used for storage of special food and drinks for your little one.

This is important, especially for those of you who are traveling with babies and are still breastfeeding. The minibar can be used as a storage for breast milk stock or food ingredients to mix complementary foods. Especially considering that you may be staying for several days, the presence of a minibar will be very helpful to maintain the shelf life of breast milk that must be put in the freezer.

4. Baby cot reservation

As a parent, having a vacation with your child will be more enjoyable if your child feels comfortable, one of which is sleeping. It is important for your child to sleep comfortably like at home. If at home your little one is used to sleeping in a baby crib or crib, make sure you order it before checking in to the hotel so that the child still feels comfortable like at home.

However, if the hotel does not provide a cot, you can work around this by renting an extra bed so you don’t sleep crammed into one bed. Don’t forget to also bring your little one’s pillows and bolsters, complete with his favorite blanket so that he feels more comfortable like at home.