Beware of the Negative Impacts of Social Media Addiction

Beware of the Negative Impacts of Social Media Addiction – It is undeniable that social media has become one of the most influential and fun entertainments to fill spare time and boredom.

Currently, it is certain that almost all young people must know and use social media. Apart from communicating and disseminating information, social media also serves as a forum for the younger generation to show their existence.

However, the existence of social media also has a dark side, you know. For those who can not control themselves will be trapped in addiction. If allowed to continue, this can have dire consequences. Here are five dangers that lurk when you are addicted to social media.

1. Having a crisis of confidence

The term insecure is no longer a strange thing in the ears of the younger generation. Many of them use the term to indicate that they are in a crisis of confidence. I feel inferior to myself.

One of the things that can trigger a crisis of confidence is playing social media. Most of your time is spent surfing just looking at other people’s lives that look fun. In the end, you are trapped in an endless sense of inferiority.

2. Stuck in a consumptive lifestyle

Consumptive lifestyle does look fun. Who doesn’t want when all their wishes can be fulfilled, right? You spend most of your income buying things you don’t really need.

Without realizing it, the existence of social media plays a major role in encouraging a consumptive lifestyle. The tendency to play social media often affects you, so you are obsessed with things that are currently trending.

3. Often feel depressed

Social media is like a mask that hides someone’s real life. It feels like other people’s lives are always full of fun and excitement. They can shop for anything, travel as they please, have abundant materials, and easily achieve success.

This is very different from your life which is full of problems and endless struggles. Too often observing other people’s lives on social media can make you compare your life, so you will be mentally depressed.

4. Your work is neglected

Who doesn’t love spending time surfing social media? Of course everyone will like it. But unfortunately, not everyone is able to control himself carefully.

As a result, many of them are trapped in social media addiction to the point that they often lose track of time. If you don’t stop it right away, this will hurt yourself, you know.

The tendency to play social media will make your time wasted. Unknowingly, the work that should have been completed has finally been abandoned.

5. Can’t think clearly

Social media is like two opposite sides of a coin. There are always positive and negative impacts that come with it. One of the negative things that enliven the existence of social media is the existence of hoaxes that are scattered.

Often a variety of false information is wrapped in beautiful language, so that many people are influenced. The risk that will occur when you are addicted to social media is that you are often trapped in hoax information and news.

When you are preoccupied with social media, you are no longer able to think clearly to sort out which information is correct and which information is incorrect. Wow, don’t let that happen, okay?